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Mount CameroonI am from a country in Central Africa, known as mini-Africa, or Africa in a triangle, because of its diverse culture, diverse climate, fauna, and population. This country is Cameroon. It was first given its name by Portuguese explorators around 1472: Rio Dos Camaroes, since one of its rivers was full of shrimps.
I am a bit of everything. I am a scientist, and I tend to love everything else, like geography, music, history, shopping, arts, literature, and technology. You could say that I am a lab scientist, but I am knowledgeable in almost everything else also.Mt Cameroon Craters
I am a big reader, and can convert anybody! Give me a month, and I will give you at least 5 new writers.
I also love mountains. My best one is Mount Cameroon, which is the third tallest mountain in Africa. It is also known as the ‘Chariot of the gods’ or “Mongo ma ndemi” (the greatest mountain in the Douala language). By the way, Cameroon has more than 250 languages!



1. bajanpoet - August 18, 2011

Thanks for visiting my blog! I shall be reading a lot here 🙂

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